At what age, should you have to re-take your driving test?

New laws regarding mobile phone usage behind the wheel came into play from 1st March in the UK. Transport Minister Shane Ross explained he would monitor these changes and would introduce them to the Irish system if necessary.

Last year, 187 people lost their life on Irish Roads, with 30% of all collisions caused by distracted driving.

At what age, should you have to re-take your driving test?

The Minister also said he was open to new initiatives to improve people’s driving such as a requirement for elderly drivers to re-sit their test.

“People’s driving does deteriorate,” told Mr Ross.

Currently, all motorists in Ireland over the age of 70 must renew their driving licence every three years, subject to receiving a medical certificate from their doctor about their fitness to drive and passing an eye test.

Brand Manager of Alex Todd explains, “While elderly drivers are not the only people who can act dangerously on the roads, welcomes any change that further protects motorists from potential harm. It’s vital that measures are put in place to combat the number of road deaths as every single one is a senseless tragedy.

We want to know what you think. Should drivers be required to re-sit their driving test when they reach a certain age? Or maybe just a specific part? If so, what age?

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